Help your customers an informed investment decision based on our product and research support.
Participate in the F&O segment through in depth research and product support on both futures as well as options strategies
The fastest growing segment with a potential to become multiple times of the current business. Commodities trading is imperative to grow ones business and with our membership with MCX and NCDEX we are able to provide one of the most comprehensive and competitive platform
The Currency Derivatives allows you to trade on the movement of conversion rate of USD / EUR / GBP / JPY with INR. Currency derivatives indeed commands the largest derivative market across the world. With us you can provide trading options to all your clients with online monitoring and surveillance mechanism

Mutual Funds & IPOs:
Give your customers the freedom to choose from over 30 fund houses while buying or redeeming mutual funds and booking IPOs online

Our Trading platform gives you the benefit of real-time streaming data with the flexibility of trading on any Internet capable system. With access to both the NSE | BSE | COMMODITY | CURRENCY,you are in the driver's seat when routing your order to the price on either of the exchanges.
  •  Instant Loading
The  applet system allows you instant access to your account with no wait time, unlike other systems that take a few minutes to load.
  • Live Streaming quotes
Keep an eye on the stocks you care about most with streaming, real-time quotes and customizable market data. Color-coded price changes help you to spot trends and react to them quickly.
  • Multiple Watch lists
The new watch list option allows you to create upto 10 watch lists. Each watch list can be personalized by inserting securities which you would like view as a group.

  • Back Office access
View segment wise ledger bills and contract notes, trades, positions, account balance, realized/unrealized profit & loss, and buying power all in real time.

invetment idea GIC Housing finance

we recommend buying in GIC Housing finance at cmp. 285 with tgt of 370 and 465 SL 242 in near term of 12 months